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Natural Monatomic Minerals

Natural Monatomic Minerals (ORME) are powerful dietary supplements that have improved the lives of many seeking to enhance and move beyond their third-dimensional experiences by improving their minds, bodies, and spiritual connections. These are the only products of their type that are all-natural and have been clinically tested for effectiveness and proven safe through numerous laboratory studies. No other monatomic gold, white gold, or other ORME product can make those statements.

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Higher Octave Foods and Herbs

Only the highest quality, organic (when possible) foods and herbs are used in these dietary supplements. We then formulate our supplements in ratios that produce the greatest harmonic resonance with the highest electromagnetic override frequencies. This attention to detail is what distinguishes Harmonic Innerprizes from most other dietary supplement companies. We believe that, since the universe is 99% energy and only 1% matter, perfecting the energy is essential to perfecting a product.

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Advanced Colloidal Technology

We have the most effective colloidal mineral supplements available anywhere, guaranteed or your money back! Each product is formulated with specific electromagnetic frequencies that dramatically enhance the effectiveness without having to rely on high concentrations of mineral elements. Our advanced colloidal mineral supplements are completely non-toxic.

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Skeletal Support

Harmonic Innerprizes offers the most effective dietary supplements to keep your bones strong and support cartilage and joint function. Years of research and ingredient selection make these products essential for anyone who wants to support his or her bone health.*

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n-fuzed Essences

All matter possesses a subtle energy field that is unique to it. These energy fields can positively influence the energy fields of the body. Botanical extracts, used correctly, will positively influence the physical elements of the body. n-fuzed Essences combine these two modalities for highly effective dietary supplements.

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Cardio Care Series

CoQ10 and omega-3 fatty acids are two of the most important cardiovascular supplements you should include in your daily routine.  Our two cardiovascular products are among the highest quality, best absorbed available today.  

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Packages / Bundles

Having difficulties knowing where to start? Try our Starter Package for a true Etherium experience. The package provides Aulterra to support the body's energy centers and support DNA health, Etherium Gold to expand the mind and promote focus, Chamae Rose to purify the body, and LifeSource SuperSprouts to nourish the body.*

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living Products are formulated for today's health challenges; environmental/food supply concerns, GMOs & current society-wide deficiencies which all put a tremendous strain on the immune system.*

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