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Etherium Red

From Natural Monatomic Minerals

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Etherium Red (Decision Power) integrates the thinking of the brain with the emotions of the heart.* It can be very useful during times of difficult decisions.* It promotes self-expression, creativity, and eloquence.*

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What is the difference between Natural Monatomic Etherium powder, capsules and essences?


  • is the material that comes directly from the earth and affects the electromagnetic field of the body, including the chakra system.
  • has a higher resonance with the physical body.
  • tends to affect a person with imbalances that originate from within the physical body.


  • consist of the powder in a pre-measured form, weighed to 300mg and encapsulated in a veggie cap.
  • provide the same quality as the powder but with the convenience of a delivery system that can easily be transported.
  • tend to affect a person with imbalances that originate from within the physical body.

Mineral Essence Sprays:

  • affect the electromagnetic system of the subtle bodies.
  • produce best results for a person with imbalances that originate from outside the physical body.
  • tend to have the most immediate results because they work in the subtle field and do not have to go through the digestive system.

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Etherium Red Product Description

UntitledEtherium Red Product Description

The best way to explain Etherium Red is referencing the chakra system that is a foundation in Ayurvedic traditions. Etherium Red affects the throat chakra. Since the throat chakra sits between the brow chakra and the heart chakra, it integrates the analytical processing of the brain with the emotional desires of the heart. The differences between what the brain thinks and what the heart desires is often the root cause for feelings of scattered thinking, confusion, and powerlessness. An imbalance here causes difficulties in making decisions.

For many people, difficulty in making decisions is chronic in their nature, which isn’t just a result of a throat chakra blockage. Someone experiencing a problem with the root chakra can also agonize over the simplest decisions that most would not have any difficulty making, but even good decision makers have to make the hard choices, even when there is no apparent best or right solution. Etherium Red brings clarity at these times, thereby improving the root chakra as well.

When the mind and heart are integrated, feelings of confusion and doubt dissipate and are replaced by confidence and self-actualization. The greater focus and harmony also reduce stress as scattered, confused feelings are frequent causes of stress. By integrating the thinking of the brain with the emotional energy in the heart, Etherium Red brings heightened clarity to the situation. Once you experience clarity, decisions become easier.




Etherium Red may also be useful in promoting blood pressure levels already within normal range.* Agonizing over decisions is very stressful. Once this occasional stress dissipates, your body promotes blood pressure levels within a normal range.*






Supplement Facts

Etherium Red (1 oz.Mineral Essence Spray)

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Etherium Red (1 oz. Powder)

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Etherium Red (60 Veggie Caps)

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Etherium Red (240 Veggie Caps)

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