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Let me describe to you the utmost delight I am experiencing ingesting your newly reformulated LifeSource SuperSprouts! The clean, straightforward taste lingers with a hint of meadow freshness upon my palate as my neurotransmitters immediately respond to sipping this beverage with a rapid return to b*...Read More »

—Marusia Marrapese

"Using Radionics Testing, we found that Etherium Gold has very high frequencies that increase the resonance of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Since I’ve been on the products, my dreams are more enhanced, I’m more engaged with them. I am feeling much happier."*...Read More »

—Kelsea Priestley, Radionics Testing

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About Harmonic Innerprizes

Harmonic Innerprizes was established over 20 years ago pioneering the new science of monatomic elements (ORMES) that was discovered by David Hudson a few years earlier. This research led to the study of electromagnetics and how the electromagnetics of substances affected the electromagnetics of the body and how the health and vitality of the body is influenced by electromagnetic frequencies.

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