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  "It is not often I either have the time, or take the time to write a special accolade for someone, but in this instance I feel compelled.  My friend told me about your products and gave me some to try. I definitely felt a difference and hence wanted to order for myself. I placed an order and had a couple of follow up questions. It seemed almost immediately Brandon responded. Not only did he respond expeditiously, but also, extremely knowledgable, extremely helpful, and overall, extremely pleasant.

 All of those qualities above could either be attributed to your products, or Brandon's inherent personality, or both, but either the case, he is the quintessential representative for your company.  I certainly appreciate great customer service not only as a consumer, but as an executive as well, and my experience more than exceeded standard expectation. I am extremely satisfied with my order, the products and the exceptional experience overall."  -Shelly Preston


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